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Welcome To Our Store 'organiks By Jane' We Know That Everyone Deserves A Flawless Skin And Healthy Hair! Also, Everyone Deserves Harmless Products That Can Get Them The Two. We Offer Delicious Hair And Body Butters, Oils,Shampoos, Raw Butters And So Much More. All Our Products Are Carefully Made With Love And With You In Mind!

What we offer!
At Organiks by Jane, our products are handmade with love and with you in mind. We understand that every one deserves a glowing skin and health hair. So, we do our best to source for the best materials in producing affordable and 100 percent healthy skin and hair care products.
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So, you want that glowing skin and healthy hair at an affordable budget! Hey, don't worry, we've got you. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below!
Look through our website for your desired health and beauty products. Didn't find your choice? Not to worry, we can mix up something special just for you based on your request!
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Every wo(man)'s hair is her/his crowning glory. Why not care for your mane with our 100 percent handmade and organic products.